I’m rambling away… but – in other news, I’m listening to Paul Mckenna’s Gastric band CD every night, (yes you can all laugh at me) alternating this with his old I can Make you Thin spiel. Do they work? Hmm. I should know, I’ve listened to I Can Make You Thin on and off for yeeaaaars. Literally. Before I even needed to lose any weight. It came out in 2005, I was 13, probably a scrawny 7 stone thing. Anyway, I think they do make you more aware of your eating, aware of your own fullness, you think before you eat, and say No, I’m genuinely full when you are full. I’d say it’s great if your portion sizes are bigger than they should be, you’ll start listening to your inner tummy voices. Or if you’re a fast eater and eat the plate before you realised you even had a fork in your hand.

Oh! And I’ve changed my Gym membership, now I go to Classes. It hasn’t cost that much, but if like me, you struggle to commit to working out and the rain will cancel a gym trip, do consider classes. You’re booked in, and often have to pay if you don’t turn up. So, I actually do turn up! Funny that…

I did have a rather hideous encounter in a Body Conditioning Class. Body conditioning, doesn’t that sound nice to you? Like Yoga, stretching and… nice things? It wasn’t. It was weighted squats to a sped up Gangnam style. It was the fastest class I’ve been too and I didn’t pace myself. I’m not new to cardio or weights thank you very much, but that said after a bit I felt very sick, and had to go lean on a wall. My vision went kaleidoscope. I thought it was the end.

It obviously wasn’t. I’m typing now. I don’t think I drank enough water. But my thighs hurt for days, a good sign! So yes, Classes make you do stuff.

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